WELtec BioPower is a German manufacturer and distributor for biogas plants, and has now begun the construction of a biogas plant in Szeged, Hungary, for the Hungarian operator Zöldforrás Energia, subsidiary of DÉMÁSZ.

The plant will be of 1MW, and will include a combined manufacturing for power as well as heating of 600kW/h each, created by corn and manure; it will be operating from the end of 2011. The raw material will be supplied by nearby farmers, who -in exchange- will be using the waste of the manufacturing process as fields fertiliser. At the moment, there are 12 biogas plants in Hungary, but 40 more have been planned or have been already started to be built. By 2020, the amount of biogas manufactured is expected to reach 32MW, which would equal to 5% of the total renewable energy generated in Hungary.